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THC VEGA CO., LTD is one of the reputable units in the field of import and export of agricultural products. With many years of experience in the field of processing and importing and exporting agricultural products, our company produces the best quality agricultural products to meet the needs of consumers in the country and around the world. gender. Quality goods, competitive prices and customer satisfaction are the pride of our company.

With the application of modern scientific and technical technologies and a team of experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated and responsible staff, THC VEGA CO., LTD has succeeded in expanding the market in national and international. Create many stable long-term relationships with major markets in the world.

Raw materials are purchased directly from farmers, processing process, quality of raw materials is always guaranteed. On the other hand, the company constantly improves professional skills for workers along with investing in modern machinery and equipment, producing standard and high-quality products.


Striving to become the leading agricultural product processing, importing and exporting company in the region, contributing to bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the world and raising the level of Vietnamese agricultural products.


Providing safe and quality agricultural products to domestic and international customers, bringing benefits and satisfaction to partners, customers and society.

Core value

Towards the perfection of the product, the trust of all customers, the development of the whole company, the efficiency in business, benefits to society and sustainable cooperation.

Development strategy

Safe production – Efficient business – Modern technology – Professional personnel – Quality products – Sustainable development – Friendly environment – Prestigious cooperation – Cultural behavior.

Product Categories

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Safe vegetables
Clean fruit
Sea food
Grains – Spices
Dừa khô
Dry bulk

THC VEGA provides various transaction consulting services to help other businesses expand and penetrate the international market.


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